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Picture of several different products from different brands

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Product Junkie

Starting your natural hair journey can sometimes just lead us from one creamy crack – the relaxer – to another creamy crack – every natural hair product on the market. Many naturals quickly become what we like to call ‘product junkies’

Abstract print dress, black peep-toe slingback patent leather shoes, black straw clutch

Abstract Print Off-the-Shoulder Dress | Kinks & Drinks Charleston

Whenever I’m traveling, I like to pack dresses for the evening because it’s just easier to pack one item vs two. While shopping at H&M last week, I found this little number on sale and thought it was perfect for

Lance Gross and I at the Mid-Atlantic Film Festival in Norfolk VA

Lance Gross Comes to Hampton Roads | Mid-Atlantic Film Festival

The Mid-Atlantic Film Festival came to Hampton Roads on June 13-14, hosted by the Crispus Attucks Cultural Center with the featured guest Lance Gross. You know the dark chocolate handsomeness that is Lance Gross, from Tyler Perry’s Temptation and NBC’s drama

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Finding Balance While Finding Success | Beyond Beauty

This week has been extremely challenging for me. While I’m excited about being presented with a lot of great opportunities, I’m feeling the weight of deadlines and duties on my shoulders. That can really be a joy-stealer and I’m finding it

Makeup Artist Jackie from Makeup Game on Point

Does Your Makeup Suck? | Beyond Beauty

Does your makeup SUCK??? It just might, but it’s not what you think. Sometimes it’s not about the makeup – it’s about how you FEEL in the makeup. Or even how you feel before you even put it on.  Remember