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Get Organized and Give Back with Goodwill

If you’re like most Americans, you did at least some of your holiday shopping online. That can mean a lot of boxes! Don’t toss them just yet. Goodwill® and its partner brands have joined forces to provide online shoppers a new and convenient way to get organized and give back with Goodwill. Goodwill launched Give Back […] Read more…

digiorno pizza, the perfect meal for a football party

The Perfect Meal for a Football Party

Most Sundays, it’s just Mr. Blakes and I – and NuNu – curled up on the couch watching football. This is our day to wind down and relax, and neither of us wants to do a ton of cooking. DIGIORNO is the perfect meal for a football party for two, four or more, because we know […] Read more…

Why Women Should Lift Weights, Woman with dumbbells

Why Women Should Lift Weights

In this post, health & fitness expert Laticia “Action” Jackson will talk about why women should lift weights as a part of their fitness routine. Have you ever thought about starting a weight lifting or resistance training fitness program, but you were afraid that building muscle would cause you to appear less feminine, or “manly”? […] Read more…

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