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Pompadour Style with Design Essentials

Quick Pompadour Style with Design Essentials Natural

Whether you’re going back to school, getting your kids ready for school, working your 9-5, or building your brand,  who has time for hairstyles that take all day long to complete? This sophisticated pompadour is an elegant lifesaver for women on

Wendy and Jess from Food Heaven Made Easy

Healthy Lifestyle | The Truth About Gluten

Recently I discovered a local vegan dessert company that specialized in vegan and gluten-free treats. I purchased a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that was amazing, and I thought maybe I should make more gluten free dietary choices. I wasn’t sure

IMG_1020 feat image

Out & About | #Instameet at Old Beach Farmers Market

Check out these photos from some of the vendors at the Old Beach Farmers Market on 19th Street in Virginia Beach, VA. I had no idea this farmers market was even there until I went this past Saturday for the

Back to School: Acne Fix with PocketDerm

Heading back to school? Don’t let acne be a problem for you this school year! PocketDerm is a new service which enables you to see a dermatologist online and get a prescription acne medication shipped to your door. Reddit loves

Picture of several different products from different brands

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Product Junkie

Starting your natural hair journey can sometimes just lead us from one creamy crack – the relaxer – to another creamy crack – every natural hair product on the market. Many naturals quickly become what we like to call ‘product junkies’